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As an organisation or individual you can support our initiatives, nurture your organisation's female talent and help us achieve our mission to ignite inspiration and amplify inclusion in STEM. 

See the many ways you can support below, and you can also apply to become a volunteer or take part in the Inspiration Academy.


Be a majority ally

Watch our short video blog on being a majority ally to get ideas on simple ways you can amplify inclusion.


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Nurture Female Talent

Mentoring is a great way to nurture female talent and support a culture of inclusion.

Reach out if you want to discuss our STEMAZINGWomen mentoring programme.


Sponsor Us

Your organisation can sponsor our STEMAZING Inspiration Academy to help us empower and enable women in STEM role models to inform, influence and inspire our next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.



As an individual you can show your support by purchasing our STEMAZING products on Etsy. These are all eco-friendly and ethically made.

All proceeds go to STEMAZINGKids