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Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths - STEM

I am passionate about STEM! If we are going to tackle our current and future global challenges we need a bigger, stronger and more diverse science and engineering workforce.  I want to encourage more people to go into STEM careers and support those in science and engineering based professions to fulfil their potential. I do STEM outreach in schools at all levels, speak at conferences about diversity and inclusion in engineering, and provide mentoring for students at university and professionals in STEM careers.


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Natwest are supporting women who want to start their own businesses through a National Crowdfunding competition and will match fund 50% if we reach our target! We’re so close thanks to the fantastic support so far! If you want to help please pledge and share here: https://natwestbackherbusiness.co.uk/stemazing-promoting-championing-stem-in-society


Our Founder and Director

Alexandra Knight is the Founder and Director of STEMAZING Ltd. She is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, on the Board of the Women's Engineering Society and a STEM Ambassador. She has worked in the engineering industry for over 15 years. She is passionate about positioning STEM at the heart of society, particularly promoting engineering for girls and championing women in engineering.

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The future looks bright with STEM

Reach out to us for if you need a speaker for a conference, are interested in a STEM session for a school or are looking for a female engineer mentor.


Keynote speaker and presenter

STEM Outreach talks and activities in schools at all levels

Mentoring for women in engineering

Interested in any of these STEMAZING services? Email me today and see what I can do for you.


“We are honoured to have Alexandra Knight here - her enthusiasm and passion for supporting female engineering 

students is evidenced by her commitment to the mentoring programme for 5 years. I know she will change lives.”

Giselle Hayward, Brunel University London

“You've inspired so many students!”

Adam Corre, Primary School Teacher 

“Alex was once in my position, she knows what it’s like, she knows what it takes. For me it doesn’t get more real than that. Her words of encouragement and examples have really stuck with me. She inspires me to work hard and smart with my career and studies.  She makes being a woman in engineering look easy!  I owe a lot of my current confidence with networking and job applications to her” 

Damola Olojo, mentee


Why we need a stronger, more diverse STEM workforce...

...To solve our current and future global challenges!
These Sustainable Development Goals were developed by the UN to highlight our global challenges and what we should be aiming for together. 
STEM is the key to solving many of these challenges. We need more scientists, engineers and innovators to create and deliver the solutions that will improve our World!

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